Season 3, Episode 2 Sound of the Underground:

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Michael Dalton who is a former professional rodeo clown and bull rider, world traveler and self-taught videographer. He also worked with Weed Maps, homeschools his kids, and announces a short run for mayor of Woodland Park CO. We interviewed him at Base Camp. Listen to find out how growth is affecting small towns like WP, what social media’s impact can do, how local politics are just as dirty as national politics, debt spending, keeping up with the Jones’, why college degrees are no longer necessary, why wolfs at the door are a good thing and the topic of hunting deer in town.

No longer running for mayor, but it was fun to help him explore the idea. It just wasn’t the right time for him, but we will see what the future holds!

Pictures will be on the web page for this show which is of the Underground


Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The Southern Lilly

Fusion Japan Sushi

Ute Inn

Hungry Bear

The Donut Mill

Café Leo

Teller County Cab

Interviewed Michael at Base Camp