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Hi! It’s Steph & Mike from This Is Colorado.net, Season 2 Episode 9. Welcome to our podcast!

Steph has been up to: 1UP on Colfax, Punk Rock Flea Market; Anniversary, Went Camping for the last time of the season, hosted Mayweather/McGregor fight

Mike has been up to: VIOLENT FEMMES http://vfemmes.com/ , Golfed, Mom food, fantasy football drafts, Tim fixed my mower

Fun Article: http://www.westword.com/best-of/2017/shopping-and-services/best-colorado-facebook-group-8917405

Westword has their Best of Denver issue out for 2017 and some of the highlights include:

Watching-grass-grow.com about a man who set up a camera to monitor his front yard while on vacation and it just kind of stuck.

Best Free Entertainment: Denver Public Library Card- benefits include free passes to Denver museums, discounts on exhibits and IMAX, free state park passes and more.

Best New Festival: WAVE: Light+Water+Sound  WAVE, an early-season spectacle inspired by Scottsdale's Canal Convergence that debuted in Breckenridge last summer, spread interactive artworks and music throughout the town, inviting tourists and townies alike to experience a big-city art experience at a higher elevation. 

Best Beach: Bear Creek Lake Park

Best Dog Park: Cherry Creek State Park

Best Golf Course in the Mountains: Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks

The categories they have are filled with tons of great stuff like: Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Shopping & Services, Sports & Recreation, and Reader’s Choice.


News Article- Smash and Grab thefts

There have been a series of smash and grab thefts of guns including places like Cabela’s in Thornton, Warhorse Firearms of the Rockies in Littleton and Dragonman’s in Colorado Springs. More than 100 guns have been stolen from stores statewide since January 1st. In 2016 Colorado gun thefts from dealers hit a 10year high with 273 guns, as of right now we are on pace to break that record in 2017. The thieves steal SUV’s and use them to gain entry into the stores.

One suspect has been arrested, Viet Trinh 18 from Thornton was the getaway driver for the Cabela’s theft, and was caught because he was posting pictures of himself with stolen guns on Facebook. Cameron Specht also 18, has also been arrested as Dragonman recognized his car. Dragonman stated that had he not been at dinner at the time of the robbery, he would have “Shot the four suspects in the head.”


Sources: http://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/26/littleton-gun-store-theft/ , https://www.google.com/search?q=smash%20and%20grab%20gun%20stores%20in%20Colorado&newwindow=1&client=aff-maxthon-maxthon4&hs=6At&affdom=maxthon.com&channel=t23&source=lnms&tbm=nws&sa=X&ei=y_gdVcmZFdDSoASy7oC4CA&ved=0CAsQ_AUoBA, http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/27/facebook-selfies-with-stolen-guns-lead-to-arrest-teen-in-gun-shop-smash-and-grab.html, http://www.denverpost.com/2017/08/29/federal-agents-arrest-suspect-dragonman-gun-store-burglary/


South Platte River Info

Denver would not exist without the South Platte River. Water is a necessity and the earliest plains tribes used the river for survival. The settlers followed suit. As Denver became populated, water companies began offering service to settlers. By the late 1800s, several water companies had fought, collapsed or merged. In 1918, Denver residents voted to buy the Denver Union Water Company and form the municipal agency now known as Denver Water. In doing so, voters created an entity that would operate independently from city government, thereby keeping water service separate from local politics.

Source: https://www.denverwater.org/about-us/history

The South Platte River starts in South Park Colorado, fed by the confluence of South Fork and Middle Fork. In-between it’s starting point and where it meets the North Platte, it is dammed 7 times. It flows out of Platte Canyon for 50 miles before it gets to the lower section of Waterton Canyon, and eventually forming Chatfield Reservoir. As it leaves the foothills in Littleton it flows North and is joined by Cherry Creek and further still, Clear Creek. It makes its way East through Brighton and Fort Lupton and added to by the Saint Vrain Creek and Little Thompson River. Once it passes Greely, the Big Thompson River and Cache La Poudre also add to its volume. It passes Fort Morgan, Brush, Sterling and Julesburg before it joins up with the North Platte River in Nebraska to form the Platte River. Eventually this water travels through Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri and to the Mississippi River out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sources: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1KIet6MJmu-fE6XetZu-Q6GlY52w&hl=en&ll=39.07664256718955%2C-105.52024872851558&z=10https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/South_Platte_River

The river is well known for fly fishing. Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout have a solid population. Most of the dams are bottom released and it provides stable water temperatures. If you’re interested, try your luck at Waterton Canyon, Deckers, Cheesman Canyon and the Dream Stream.

Should you be playing in the water? Well… according to an article on 5280.com, E.coli contaminates the water and the principal sources are goose and canine poop. So if you see an orange diamond posted in the area, it is a warning from DEH that the levels of E.coli are too high. Denver’s goal levels are 126cfu/100ml and from 2007-2011 levels were at 145cfu/100ml.

It is also full of trash. The top 5 forms of trash found in the water are: Tobacco, Food Packaging, Paper and Cardboard, Plastic Bags (grocery bags), and plastic foam. 19 tons of trash were removed by the Greenway Foundation’s two River Sweep events in 2012.

But never mind all that, the estimated number of people who play in the Platte annually is 700,000.


The history of the South Platte River is not as easy going as it’s stream today. I found a great article by Alan Pendergast in the Westword, published in 2015. Source: http://www.westword.com/news/the-1965-flood-how-denvers-greatest-disaster-changed-the-city-6668119


Well as long as it isn’t raining and crappy, it is nice to just be near the water, so walk or bike along the South Platte River Trail that is located in Denver. It is an 18-milelong paved pathway that follows the South Platte River through the heart of the Denver Metro area. Another portion of the South Platte River Trail heads to the north from  Denver to travel through Adams County. The Mary Carter Greenway Trail heads to the south from Denver to travel through Littleton.

The South Platte River Trail is paved for the entire route. There are some street crossings, but a number of underpasses or overpasses for crossing the major roadways. The trail can get congested in some areas and as with any other urban area, trail users should be aware of their surroundings and be cautious with their valuables.

Source: http://www.walkridecolorado.com/individual-trails/denver-metro/south-platte-river-trail-colorado

There are plans to make the river healthier again, keep water levels consistent and keep the riverbed from drying out during dry spells per The Denver Water and Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials.

Source: http://www.denverpost.com/2016/09/01/denver-south-platte-river-revival/


What did we learn today?

1)      Floods happen be prepared.

2)      Don’t dump your trash in the waterways.

3)      Be aware if you live in a flood prone area.

Had a great time watching Violent Femmes

Had a great time watching Violent Femmes