This Is Colorado Season 1 Episode 11 Fall In Colorado- Cheeseman Park .

Links Used:

Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch , Birds of Prey Foundation , Creepy Clown Sightings

Colorado Haunted , Denver Arts Week , Denver International Wine Festival

You pick ‘em farm , The Zombie Crawl , a costume ball in Denver , Drive In Theaters

Haunted Houses , Boo at the Zoo , Trick or Treat Street(s) , Trick or treat train

The Molly Brown House , Legends Of 

Hi! It’s Steph from This Is, Season 1 Episode 11. Welcome to our podcast! On today’s episode instead of we, it will just be me. Mike’s off today, so I hope you enjoy the show with just me. Today I am focusing on some awesome things to do here in Colorado in the fall. Some are free, some are cheap and a few require funds.  All of our sources will be linked in the show notes of course.

Since I’m flying solo, I’ll just share a few things I’ve been up to since our last episode. I checked out a restaurant I’d never been to in Littleton, called Café Terracotta it was yummy and I will go again. I went to another show at the Ogden Theater which is always a good venue for a rowdy night out with friends. That night I also ate at City Grille. I had a Denver Club in case you were wondering and I’d eat there again too. We finished the night at 1Up which was also fun.

My family and I also went to the Rock Creek Farm Pumpkin Patch. We have gone for years because it’s cheap entertainment. Typically we pick out our pumpkins, then head to the kids entertainment area. They usually have a hay bail maze set up for the kids to play on and jumpy castles and slides for the kids to play on. They also have a few animals in their pins for everyone to get close and see. This year they also had those plastic balls that kids & adults can fit in and roll around in like a hamster. We skipped that one, but we did pick up some pumpkin bread to benefit the Birds of Prey Foundation, which is a win win if you ask me.

As far as news goes, I wanted to talk about the “Creepy Clown Sightings” that have been happening in several states this year and even had a few pop up here. I’m not personally afraid of clowns, and I think it’s all just a lame way to get attention. Most of the friends and family I’ve spoken with who are either concealed carry or open carry advocates say that if they feel threatened, they’ll shoot, just like any other threat, so take that one to the bank. There have been threats made on social media but local police say they most are unsubstantiated. One threat from a high school girl ended up getting her criminal charges.

On the lighter side of things, a fun activity to do is check out Colorado Haunted They currently are offering two tours and you can contact and set one up by visiting their site, calling them or emailing them. You have an option of the Ghosts and Legends Tour in Morrison that takes about an hour and a half, and the Murder Mayhem and Madness Tour in Golden that runs two hours. To take the tour costs $15 Adults and $10 for kids 12 and under. Discounts are available for groups of 10 or more, so grab some friends and go get spooked! Their site also has links to another similar group in Manitou Springs.

Now, onto all the cool things I could think of to do in Colorado in the fall. I’m sure there are more, so if you know of something I’ve missed, please let me know! I’m always up for new adventures and places to explore.

Free things to do: Scenic drives or checking out the beautiful fall colors at locations like Garden of the Gods, Red Rocks, Lookout Mountain, Pikes Peak. Or you could drive around and check out the Halloween lawn decorations in the burbs. It’s almost as popular as decorating your yard for Christmas. Harvest festivals, several of the smaller towns and cities surrounding Denver have them. You could check out Elk Fest in Estes Park, or enjoy those Indian Summer Days at any number of the local city parks since we have thousands of them. Spook yourself at a cemetery, just be respectful so a ghost doesn’t take that as an invitation to follow you home and be disrespectful to you there. Also Denver Arts Week is a great way to see some of the areas art exhibits and museums for free, this year it runs November 4th to the 12th.

Cheap to do: We have the Denver International Wine Festival from November 2nd-4th. Go to a You pick ‘em farm and pick up a pumpkin or check out a corn maze. Picking or playing in produce is pretty cheap. You could also pick up Palisade Peaches, Rocky Ford Melons, Pueblo Green Chilis, or Olathe Sweet Corn since they are all ready to harvest at this time of year. Some of the festivals and parties they have around the harvest start in August, so not exactly fall more like end of summer but sometimes in Colorado the weather is crazy so it could feel like fall then. Anyways, they are all delicious and if you’ve never had some, you’re missing out. The Zombie Crawl is fun to watch and participate in, so make a zombie costume and go! There are several costume parties and even a costume ball in Denver you can attend. How about catch a last flick at one of the areas Drive In Theaters?

For a little bit of dough, you could check out one of the many Haunted Houses, Boo at the Zoo, Trick or Treat Street(s) or even a trick or treat train! The Molly Brown House has an event where you can hear readings from authors such as Poe, Wells, and Lovecraft. Or as one last get away before winter sets in, go stay at a log cabin in the woods, light a fire and enjoy the company of close friends or family.

Of all of the fun things to do here in the fall, by far, my favorite is learning about the real life experiences of people with the paranormal. Fall and Halloween are the perfect time to explore that! I’ve said before that I don’t fluently speak in movies, like Mike does. Even less so with horror movies because they give me nightmares for days! But I can totally handle listening to people’s stories.

I checked out Legends Of for a great article by Kathy Weiser titled “Ghosts of Cheeseman Park in Denver”. I thought it was perfect for the show since it has both the history and stories that I love to look into.

(Article read from site)

Well that was awesome and creepy at the same time. I knew that Cheeseman Park was a repurposed grave yard, but I didn’t know that there were so many bodies left buried there. It’s not really a place I ever go to at night since I live in the burbs, but maybe someday the opportunity will present itself and I’ll have an experience of my own. If you have any experiences, or stories of your own, I’d love to hear about them. Head to This Is and fill out the survey, or email me directly at As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

So, what do I hope you learned from this episode? First, that there is so much to do here in the fall! From pumpkin patches and haunted houses to enjoying the festivals that celebrate our unique foods. Second, dressing like a clown could get you shot, so don’t do that. Lastly, that Cheeseman Park has a sordid history and you could very well be playing Frisbee or relaxing in the grass on top of some poor pauper’s grave. Stay aware my friends… until next time…