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Illustrated Gypsy

BONUS: Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to our listeners over the last two years. You guys are awesome and we’ve put together a little quiz that only true This Is Colorado fans would be able to answer. Email Steph at and if you correctly answer 9 out of 10, we will hook you up with a little somethin somethin.

1)     What museum was closed even though the website said it would be open when we went on our one and only field trip this year? 

2)     Who is Pike’s Peak named after and what was his significance in Colorado? 

3)     When was the first ski resort opened in Colorado and where was it? 

4)     Are there:

a.     More than 30 varities of potatoes grown in Colorado?

b.     More than 50

c.      More than 70

5)     Where does Colorado’s water supply originate from?

6)     What was the name of the Outlaw who charmed both Mark Twain and Buffalo Bill? 

7)     Steph thinks Donkeys are as sweet as what animals?

a.     Rabbits

b.     Dogs

c.      Horses

8)     Which major highway was considered an engineering marvel when it was completed?

a.     I-25

b.     I-70

c.      470

9)     What are the two major contributors to the E.coli problem in the Platte River? 

10)            What book showed us that we should never go hiking alone? 

11)            What are the three types of pleasure houses to be found out west in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s?