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Creamery Arts Center

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Linda Tullis undertook the task of remodeling the run down and vacant building that was formerly the Challenge Butter creamery and turning it into an art gallery and education center in 2006. The Creamery Arts Center provides low cost art classes to youth as well as Summer Art Camps. Additionally, there are free classes for seniors, as well as providing space for local artists to sell their work. This also includes a special section for students ages 17 and under to showcase their work. 

The space is also used for live music, fundraisers, and afterschool classes with various mediums.

Website, donations are welcomed, their physical address is: 165 Bridge Street in Hotchkiss, CO, and their mailing address is: Post Office Box 218, Hotchkiss, CO  81419. For questions contact 970-872-4848 information@creameryartscenter.org . Office hours are Spring and Summer hours are 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday. 

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