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Comanche Crossing Historical Society & Museum

Comanche Crossing Historical Society & Museum

This museum combines the history of the area starting in 1891 with several historic buildings complete with period artifacts. Railroad items as well as antique wooden windmill conveys plains life. A 1917 Ford firetruck, soda fountain, sewing machines and a blacksmith shop are all reminiscent of times gone past. 

The buildings that can be toured include the Strasburg railroad depot, Living Springs School House, Wolf Creek School House, and a Homestead House. There is also a UPRR Caboose to view. 

One of the most interesting parts of the location is that is it where the transcontinental railroad linked up. The first time a railroad was complete, spanning ocean to ocean, was at Comanche Crossing on August 15, 1870 by the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The claim of this first connection is also made by The Golden Spike National Historic Site in Utah with much more fanfare and a congressionally authorized 2200 acre National Historic Site. 

They have several books available ranging from $5.00 to $24.00 and the proceeds support the museum.

Their website, the cost is free however donations are welcomed. They are located at 56060 E Colfax Ave, Strasburg, CO 80136. For further questions you may contact 303-622-4322 or info@cchscolorado.com . Their office hours are June 1st to August 31st offers guided tours with prior notice from 1pm to 4pm, grounds are open dawn to dusk. 

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